LG 8 kg 5 Star Rating Semi Automatic Top Load Grey, White

LG 8 kg 5 Star Rating Semi Automatic Top Load Grey, White

₹ 14,500

₹ 16,990


Product Description


Roller Jet Pulsator

This washing machine from LG comes with a roller jet pulsator, which rotates clothes efficiently and creates friction while washing so your clothes are cleaned effectively.


Rat-repellent Cover

You don’t have to worry about rats gnawing at the washing machine’s wires any more as this appliance has a 3-mm plastic cover. Moreover, the rat-repellent chemical in the cover helps keep rats away, thereby enhancing this appliance’s life.


Soak Function

Has your child come home with heavily soiled clothes? If yes, then get rid of the tough stains by soaking these dirt-ridden clothes in a concentrated detergent solution for about 20 minutes before washing them. This helps loosen the stains and dirt particles, so you can achieve clean and fresh clothes after every wash cycle.


Magic Wheels

The 360° magic wheels of this LG washing machine lets you rotate and move this appliance in almost every direction with ease.


Air Dry Feature

Drying washed laundry during the monsoon requires a lot of time due to the humidity in the air. Use the Air Dry feature to efficiently get rid of moisture from clothes so they can dry faster. In the Air Dry feature, not only are the clothes rotated at a very high RPM, but the Spin vents also draw air from outside to help remove maximum moisture from clothes.


Three Wash Programs

The washing machine comes with three wash programs, namely gentle, normal, and strong. Set the wash program according to the fabric type. You can set the gentle wash program while washing delicates and choose the strong wash program while washing heavily soiled clothes or jeans.