Acupuncture & Neck massager
  • Acupuncture & Neck massager
  • Acupuncture & Neck massager

Acupuncture & Neck massager

₹ 2,100

₹ 2,500


  • Significant Cervical Massage Effect: William electric neck massager simulate real human massage to help relieve neck soreness, shoulder tiredness, body tension, improve sleep quality and promote blood circulation. Wet the neck where the two metal pads come in contact before use will make you feel more intensely.
  • Portable And Super Quality: The whole machine weighs 0.35LB and skin-friendly, freeing users from bound feelings.High elasticity and toughness plastic material, strong toughness, good rebound, suitable for different people.

         Matters needing attention:

1. This product is non - medical equipment;

2, please do not use this product outside the prescribed scope.

3, long hair, please put down your hair and use it to avoid hair entanglement.

4, please pay attention to the pressure level and avoid excessive pain during the use process.

5, do not press in the half part of the neck;

Color: pink, blue, green.

Packages include: 1* Massage tool

Be careful:

1. Some of the pictures look bigger. Please pay attention to the specific size.

2. Remember, because of the lighting effect, the brightness and contrast settings of the display, the color of the product may have a slight difference between our photos and the actual items you receive.

We appreciate your understanding.

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